AuthorTopic: What's your take on anlyst notes
@2005-09-08 06:54:43
Please I need to confirm if I can rely only on analystnotes as my only study material. It is quite the cheapest with $59. I have very limited time to study as a result of my job but I have ACCA(UK) and I seem to be familiar with most of the topics.

Kindly advise.

@2005-09-10 12:10:34
Their mock exams are very good and very close to the actual exam.
@2005-09-13 09:02:14
If you do these mock exams here using the real testing parameters (time limit, etc), you'll believe that they are as hard as the real deal.

I used this site's materials and passed level 1 last May. It's a shame that they don't provide such mock exams for level 2 candidates like me.
@2005-09-15 22:19:39
If you put in 180 - 200 hours or so with AnalystNotes, you should pass.
@2006-02-10 17:21:08
anyone wanna share any such materials with me? ( level 1 : june/06)...just registered yesterday..need to run like a horse. need a friend's quick help!

looking forward to a long term relationship

@2006-02-10 20:49:21
SalmanBD: share with you? Would you share your bank account with me? Cheater.

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!