AuthorTopic: When to know the test result?
@2004-07-17 11:14:43
It is said that 45 days after the test should be able to check the result through website, and 60 days to know the result via mail. Any one knows when the june test result will come out?
@2004-07-17 22:42:33
I called AIMR to find out when level 1 results will be released. Their reply was soon (within 5 to 7 working days). My comments was : your web site stated: The results will be released mid July. Their response: 5 to 7 working days. Could someone tell me when level one results were published last year? It will give me an indication that the actual results will be +/- one to two days from last year's date.Did any one else called AIMR and was told otherwise? Just wondering
@2004-07-18 09:32:32
There are 31 days in July. AIMR indicated that the result will be released in mid July. So the mean is 15.5th and not 15th day in July as all of you thought. So the exact time is worked out to be around mid night in US. Very very soon, watch out for it!!!
@2004-07-18 18:13:17
Thank you so much. You help me to see the light:-)
@2004-07-18 23:36:07
dear folks - sorry but i think you're gonna have to wait a bit longer - last week of july prob.
@2004-07-19 04:36:02
No so late la pohacontas. Last year the test was late May, and the result is released 18Jul. This year the test is Jun5/6, so the result should definitely be this week.
@2004-07-19 11:48:50
Check the website it states that the results will be out end of July so you will have to wait a bit.
@2004-07-25 20:55:55
can u check ur result online
@2004-07-26 09:00:06

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