AuthorTopic: When to start the ethics section for Dec level 1?
@2019-07-08 14:35:30
I'm stuck on the CFAI materials Ethics section - Not finding the motivation to get through it, but I don't have that much left of the Standards section. I have the Schweser and AnalystNote pro package materials but haven't touched them yet. What would your recommendation be for moving ahead? Slop through the rest of ethics and circle back at the end, use Schweser/AnalystNote to finish, or, drop it, start quant, and circle back around once I've gone through all of the other material?
@2019-07-10 22:27:46
Ethics sucks but it's a very necessary evil. It's a huge part of all three of the exams so gets used to slopping your way through it. It is what it is.

I'd recommend continuing on reading ethics and answering all the EOCs. Then, in the final couple weeks before the exam, go back and read it again.
@2019-07-22 21:38:52
To my mind, the exams like FINRA Series 65 or CISI UK Regulation are much more effective than the CFA ethics. CFA Institute tried to develop some general implications and wishes not applied to any local regulation, so it became almost impossible to learn the Code of Ethics and the Standards by heart. Of course, members and candidates should respect CFA Institute, but the ethics part in a whole suffers from materiality. I believe CFA Institute should better discuss major examples of local regulation comparing them and building ethics part on them. Thus candidates would get a better understanding of what they will be required of in the real world.

CFA Discussion Topic: When to start the ethics section for Dec level 1?

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