AuthorTopic: When to study for June Level 1?
@2019-03-12 13:16:42
When is it too late to start studying for June exam if you do not have a business background? There are about 110 days left and I?m starting to freak out a whole lot.

I?ve studied my books. I need work on Quant and FRA. The other things are coming along. But I guess studying about 24 hours a week for the next 14 weeks will equal 336 hours. That is more than the recommended hours of studying.

I?m sure I?m not the only one who has gotten scared about this, but some good words won?t hurt! :)
@2019-04-23 09:16:04

I have a little question. Why do you want to take the June L1 anyways?

As it is, you'll not take the L2 before June next year.

So if you feel confident enough that you'll clear L1 in first attempt in December, why not rest easy and take the L1 in this December?

In the meantime you can anyways study for L2 as well.



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Craig Baugh