AuthorTopic: When To Take Timed AnalystNotes Mock Exam?
@2015-05-12 21:06:06
I took AN mock exam 3 untimed...and I just did AN mock exam 5 PM using a time limit. Very stressful. I finished the exam with 10 un-answered questions that I skipped and planned to come back to.

I finished up those 10 q's after the time expired and got an 84%, but under the assumption (not the best assumption since 1/3 should be correct just based on averages) that I got those 10 score is closer to 75%.

Have most of you started timing yourself yet? Any thoughts/advice/wisdom/etc?

Best of luck...

CFA Discussion Topic: When To Take Timed AnalystNotes Mock Exam?

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Your review questions and global ranking system were so helpful.