AuthorTopic: When will the level 2 notes complete?
@2004-09-22 10:28:50
Hello CFACenter,

Just purchased The Level 2 notes - they have 5 Study sessions (1, 3, 4, 8, 16) - when will we the complete set be available for download ?

@2004-10-10 21:46:40
I purchased the Level II notes as well. However I noticed that only Session 1 is complete. The pages of other sessions are just blank. Does anyone experienced the same problem?
@2004-10-10 23:05:08
I had this problem with Acrobat 5. Use Acrobat 6 and you should be ok.

CFA Discussion Topic: When will the level 2 notes complete?

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!