AuthorTopic: Where is everyone, with their studying?
@2017-04-21 23:41:47
I feel like I may be falling behind. I'm only on the third study session after spending way too much time on the ethics portion. Is anyone else in the same boat, or do I need to put in some extra hours and catch up?
@2017-04-26 19:32:36
Hi there, not sure how much time you're dedicating to studying (as in, do you have a full time job and family, or whether you?re studying the whole day) and also what your background is. I have a full time demanding job, and also very limited background in finance ? and I would advise you to pick up speed if you're in the same boat. I am on FRA now, and this material is pretty challenging and needs to be allocated a good chunk of time. I went to FRA after Ethics, Quant, and Portoflio Management. I'm intending to pick up Econafger I finish with FRA.

Best of luck!

CFA Discussion Topic: Where is everyone, with their studying?

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!