AuthorTopic: Where to buy calculators in Sydney?
@2014-10-23 20:57:44
I am currently studying for the CFA Level 1 December Exams. I am based in Sydney, Australia, and have been unable to buy either of the calculators. I have looked locally, and checked the web, unfortunately won't deliver calculators to Australia.

Do any Australian candidates know where I can purchase one of these calculators (preferably the TI)?

@2014-11-15 18:08:14
This information is directly from the website:

If you are unable to purchase one through retail or online, you can purchase one by mail, phone or fax from the list of distributors on the CFA Institute website. You can obtain a copy of this list by mail or fax by calling information central at 434-951-5499 or 1-800-247-8132.
31 Lochville St
PO Box 1054
Wahroonga NSW 2076
Tel: 61-2-9489-8788
Fax: 61-2-9489-8957

Good Luck!
@2014-11-17 18:18:42

TI calculators are easily available in Office Works, Dick Smith and many other places.

I am tempted to ask you this since you started studying back in March, are you able to complete one study session per week? I have just received my material and have no idea whether thats possible.

@2014-11-27 20:36:14
I brought mine from Dymocks bookstore on George street. They also sell spare batteries there.

Best of luck.

@2017-12-26 13:52:20
I got my BAII from officeworks, $99

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