AuthorTopic: Where to buy textbooks
@2005-10-11 16:52:31
I am starting to gather info for the level one in June and any help would be appreciated. I was wondering if anyone had bought the textbooks from Amazon or went through the bookstore that CFA Institute buys through. I didn't know if the CFA tests were like college classes where they change the edition every year.
@2005-10-13 11:03:37
are you sure you want to buy the books?
@2005-10-25 14:35:45
I think they are changing the books this year...
@2005-12-06 01:38:49
They didn't change the books. I have compared with the books used in 2005. But they added many contents in the candidate reading section, which I thought I would have to buy. Any thoughts?
@2005-12-06 09:58:27
I am selling many of the text books you may require.

Let me know

@2005-12-06 11:03:00
you can actually spend $30 to buy the separate candidate readings book. Other than that, everything else is from the combination of textbook chapters. I would not spend $395 to buy the bundle but instead buy those textbooks I really need, as I am familiar with many chapters (i.e. accounting).

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