AuthorTopic: Where to find ETHICS??
@2003-10-07 12:21:18
Can anybody e-mail me an electronic version of Standards of Practics Handbook? I will be very grateful. If you would like sth for exchange I have Testbank for L1&L2
@2003-10-08 05:06:50
You are such a fool.

You are publicly asking for someone to violate the ethics you are sworn to uphold by illegally giving you a free copy of the Standards of Practice Handbook. You then agree to reciprocate the favor by violating the copyright laws protecting the illegal distribution of the testbank.
Why would you do this on a public forum?

It is a silly request anyway. Who would have a electronics version? You think the AIMR is that stupid. They would not send out an electronic version which is easily sent to other candidates when they are trying to sell the book themselves.

Your title is very appropriate "Where to find ETHICS??"
@2003-10-09 02:34:46
Well done - was about to post the same too....

Check out your inbox ! you might have received something from AIMR themselves.... perhaps ?
@2003-10-09 04:22:44
you may as well buy it!!! Its vey cheap!

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