AuthorTopic: Where to get past exam copies?
@2017-04-19 09:19:59
Can someone pls advise me where I can get past copies of the Level 1 exam?(June 15,16 and also Dec 16).

@2017-04-20 04:28:28
Well, you may never get it anywhere, accept you mean sample questions, in which case there are part of the package of this site and others.I will recommend this, because to my assessment, they are cheaper and very tough. Having 60% here is just so great to say the least.

Sorry am not marketing this site, just that, I used it and others and realized it was more than rewarding to my success in level 1.
@2017-04-21 12:23:25
Thanks for your help.

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You have a wonderful website and definitely should take some credit for your members' outstanding grades.
Colin Sampaleanu

Colin Sampaleanu