AuthorTopic: Where will I fit in?
@2018-11-20 15:05:32
I have a BSBA in Finance and have been working for 2 1/2 years. I am about to graduate with my MBA and will be sitting for the CFA I in Dec. I am looking to go into equities analysis, but my years working have been as CFO of a very small (10 people) advertising firm. My question is: Where will I fit in at an investment house? Will I be completely at the entry level or will I be at least somewhat ahead of that? While my experience is not with investments, I do feel that I have learned an enormous amount about financial management in a short period of time. If anyone can help with advice it would be greatly appreciated.

@2018-11-21 16:14:57
I don't know where you will fit in, but my resume is almost exactly the same. I have been working 2 1/2 years, want to go into equity analysis, worked as a CFO of an advertising agency with 10 people for 2 years, will graduate next May with my MBA, and sat for CFA 1 in last June. I have since switched and am now a credit analyst at a large bank. I couldn't find a position in equities, but I thought this would be a good first step. (I review publicly traded corporations and assign debt ratings). The one thing I can tell you is that when you interview, they will not believe you had as much job responsibility as you really have. My interviewer even said "CFO - what does that really mean?" This is of course assuming that you are a relatively fresh grad in your 20s. It was almost as if they completely disregarded the responsibilities at such a small company and thought it was remedial work. I was able to leverage into a higher salary, but I still started just above entry level. Be prepared to lose a ton of job responsibility when you switch. It sucks and I am bored daily, but at least I'm in the industry now and can make better contacts. I am also going to ask for an early review so I can tell them I want more responsibility.
@2018-12-04 12:16:23
I should rephrase and say that I am almost in the industry, but at least I have access to people and networks in the industry.

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