AuthorTopic: Which calculator to use for the CFA exam?
@2003-12-17 19:27:40
Hi, I'm just wondering which calculator to use. Has anybody used the texas instrument or the HP 12C or both? What is your impression on these calculators?


@2003-12-17 19:53:24
Use Texas instrument. It is much more userfriendly .
@2004-01-02 05:28:06
I also read that TI's machine is more similiar to traditional method. I have tried the HP model, wonder why they should use so complicated way to operate.
@2004-01-02 11:40:04
definately use TI. HP is in reverse polish method which is very difficult to use. the logic is crazy, eg. for 2+3 u have to do 2 enter, 3 enter then plus sign!!!! i sat dec 2003 in toronto and nearly everyone i saw had TI.
@2004-01-04 01:48:40
Great! I have a friend from wall street with the calculator of HP, and i heard a big i-banking here also use HP. Wonder if professional staff prefer HP to TI.
@2004-01-06 13:43:09
TI is easier to use, I use TI and also have HP.
@2004-01-11 18:44:38
I have talked to several CFAs in the I-Banking sector, and they have told me TI is easier/flimsy, but HP is all about prestige.

I really did not know which one to buy, because remember, the one you choose, is the one you will use forever to solve your real-life financial problems.

One of the I-bankers went straight down and told me that he would be very suspicious of someone showing up to close a deal and coming with a cheap-looking calculator. TI has that image.

The TI is deemed to be for the regular Joe, whereas the HP is for the brainy Joe.

I have chosen the HP, but not for the reasons above, which they seem very childish to me. But because I used the HP48GX my entire Engineering Bachelors degree. I am used to Reverse Polish notation.

And is not really that difficult, is a matter of getting used to it. That will take three or four days. In the manual everything is clearly explained, very well organized. It has a comprenhensive section that comes with lots of exercises of Bonds, Morgtage, Portfolios Balancing, etc etc.

Is more difficult to understand all those complex side effects coming with an increase/decrease in aggregate supply.

Another issue might be the price... But you have already invested more than 1,000 USD for this CFA thing... would 30usd plus/minus make a difference in your ROI?

I do not think so.
@2004-05-14 07:21:50
cfx 9850 gb plus or fc 100 casio - they are just too good
@2004-05-31 11:07:18
I'm partial to my old TI because I've had it since college (six years ago). I majored in Finance and they gave us the choice between HP and TI, but I purchased both...eventually used the TI exclusively because of its ease of use.
@2004-08-05 05:11:31
Please help - can the TI calculate standard deviation or variance. I am used to a Casio FC100, which is awesome. If the TI cant do sd, then I might have to go with the HP. Cant be bothered manually calculating sd!

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