AuthorTopic: Which calculator works better?
@2009-10-31 02:45:50
Hey, guys,
Does any one know which financial calculator works better? HP or TI ( both required by CFA Institute) Does HP worth that extra dollar? how about for a longer term use?

@2009-10-31 11:58:43
why are you keep asking the same questions? There are already lots of discussions in this forum about calculators.
@2009-11-02 13:22:48
I have been using TI BAII Plus...never had any issue!!
@2009-11-19 13:42:54
I love the 12C, but if you've never used Reverse Polish Notation on an HP12C before, I wouldn't start now.
@2009-11-19 22:30:50
Get the HP, MUCH more intuitive to use. My favorite aspect is that the buttons do not push too easily so you won't waste time inputting a complicated problem and have it wiped out by accidentally pressing a wrong key. Well worth the extra dough

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