AuthorTopic: Which CFA educational institute provider in Malaysia is the best?
@2007-11-14 09:08:17
Requesting opinion from current and graduated CFA in Malaysia on the best CFA educational institute provider in KL or PJ, Malaysia. Based on you guys experience,which CFA educational institute provider in Malaysia is the best in terms of passing rate, teacher support, lesson, number of student in a class, study material (library) and etc.
Thanks in advance.
@2008-01-08 09:07:44
have you already registered?
@2008-02-22 22:00:00
Currenltly I'm taking CFA course with Kasturi and I find it very resourceful. Lecturers are experienced (most of it) and I like the way they present the subjects. Frankly speaking, I've never felt asleep for any of the classes (consider it is after 8 hours of working and 3 hours of tuition from 6.30pm to 9.30pm)because it just simply interesting. They also have special scheme in rewarding out-perform students, so its kinda attractive...

passing rate is consistent with global passing rate, lecturer support is fantastic, lessons are comprehensive (about 50++ lessson for a period of 9 months), number of students in a class is about 40++ (depends on weekend or weekday class, normally weekend has more students)...

And again, i'm not advertising for the institute, all comments made are just merely my opinion...
@2008-02-25 04:13:43
Hi IsMe,

I already registered and planning to attend CFA class. Anyone studying in IMS-INTI? Is it good compare to Kasturi.

Thanks for your comment, xiang49.

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