AuthorTopic: Which is the best notes?
@2004-06-15 21:22:48
Between schweser,Passpro,Allen resourses,Stalla,CFA center,Which is the best in terms of value,coverage on topics?
@2004-06-15 23:51:00
in terms of value, cfacenter absolutely.

in terms of quality, all notes are very similar, at least for level I.
@2004-06-16 12:17:55
Schweser's online program for Level 1 is crap.
@2004-06-18 04:26:41
I thought the mocks of this site were much harder than the actual exam. But thats just me.
@2004-07-14 12:41:10
anybody heard of Molin?
@2004-07-28 06:29:18
I guess AllenResources published the best notes. I used Schweser's Level I notes. They were full of typos and Schweser wants to sell u a lot of materials twice in different items. I guess nobody really uses their flashcards. ;-) Under cost benefit, the CFA Center is great, but u may want to give Allen a try. What I like most at the Allen Notes for Level II is that they ship u immediately the preseason's materials and then the new season's at the same price than the new season's notes. That was another reason, why I changed from Schweser to Allen. Despite the typos, Schweser sells the old notes at half price.

If someone wants to use a $50 discount coupon on the Allen notes, eMail me, because I received an eMail from Allen as I bought the preseason materials with a link and a coupon code for friends. I can forward u then coupon eMail and you get a $50 discount on your order.
Mail me at:
@2004-09-15 00:41:13
Any one has some info on Pass Pro Mock exam? Any opinion on accuracy of answers to Mock exams in cfacentre questions ?
@2004-09-17 09:38:10
@2004-09-20 05:00:58
Hi, has one ordered the June 2005 Level I notes from CFA Center..what is your assessment of the quality of the notes.
@2005-02-04 19:06:53
Hi all, if I buy all the required textbooks, what other study notes do you think I should buy to prepare my Dec. 05 exam, I actually would like to practice on questions after studying, does AIMR offer any practice material like that?

@2005-02-08 14:49:32
The notes from CFA center are basic but complete. It tells you everything you need to know, but doesn't elaborate. It's ideal for reviewing what you know / need to know. If you don't have any background in a particular area, you'll still need a real text book.
I am taking MBA finance, have Series 7, and an accounting background, so the notes are sufficient for me (I think / hope)
@2005-02-10 23:54:46
Has anyone use Passpro? I really like your thoughts on the study program.
@2005-02-22 10:30:57
I just received an email from, did anybody use their notes/questions?

Anyway, I think I will stay with cfacenter, since my background is pretty similar to stefdunk. Do you think the questions from cfacenter is sufficient?

Level 1 candidate
@2005-02-28 12:27:18
YANPZ - I know CFAcenter is enough for me, notes wise, but get as many practise questions as you can get. that's what makes the difference between passing and failing.
@2005-03-10 16:34:29
STEFDUNK - I bought all the textbooks and fried my brain by reading them and doing all the exercise questions in the books every day. I will take exam in December. Where would you recommend me to find more questions other than in this website?
@2005-03-12 16:41:04
Victory - got schwesser and got now cfacenter; as far as I read them, cfacenter notes are more complete.
@2005-06-15 23:07:19
Schweser no doubt....

For practicing questions you may also rely on cfacenter notes.
@2005-07-05 21:23:40
hi, i am new to this website. I am taking Dec-05 L1 exam and someone passed me his 2003 L1 schweser notes.

Can I rely on the notes that I have? Or should I source around for more?? If latter, do I go back to Schweser OR the notes in this website? Which is recommended??

Please help cos' I am very confused. Thanks.
@2005-07-06 01:44:08
Schweser notes are just too concise. Besides, over 35% of study materials have been changed since 2003 so I don't think it's safe to use 2003 notes.

I used this site's notes and passed level 1 easily last December. I also used its notes for level 2 and now is waiting for the result (finger crossed).
@2005-07-06 04:16:26
document: thanks for replying.
Sorry, I am new to this website. How do I gain access to this site's notes?

Good luck to ur exam.
@2005-07-06 14:41:58
There are two ways:
1.log on, click on 'Notes' in the pop-up window, and then browse each study session online.
2. pay the fee and get the notes offline to read.

Hope this helps,

@2005-07-06 20:34:25
Thanks Salma. Question, why should I pay for the fee to read offline when u can read it online???
@2005-07-07 06:18:02
By the time you read them online, think of the phone bill you've run up..... and u can read printed notes anywhere at any time without having to drag a laptop and internet connection lead around with u.... far better in the long run, i think
@2005-07-22 16:44:12
schwer's practice exam is too easy, not even close to the real exam. Don't waste the money
@2005-08-16 22:04:47
is it worth buying the analyst notes..they only show the econ section as a sample ....?
@2005-08-18 15:41:41
I just passed level 2, and this site is by far the best investment you can make if you already have the text books. I cannot say if the notes are sufficient because I just used them to review, but the practice questions are great even if they are in the wrong format (ie. not item set) for level II. They are harder then the practice exams the CFA Institute charges 70$ per exam for (I tried one of them, a complete waste of time).
@2005-08-18 22:22:13
I also passed level II exam, i used Stalla, analystnotes and some required readings.
@2005-08-23 22:19:07
can i just use the schweser study notes and notes from this site to pass level I exam?( i don't have text book).
@2005-09-10 11:41:34
I've just signed on and downloaded the notes for Level I, they are far, far better laid out than Schweser, down to the different key strokes for each calculator. I found the whole process last time so frustrating that never sat for exam, did not feel anywhere near prepared.

If you have to teach yourself everything, remote learning can be a real challenge without some in-depth explanations. AnalystNotes get my vote and I hope to continue to learn from other postings as well.
@2005-09-11 19:38:57
hi, martham, did u pass level one exam or u are going to write it on Dec 2005?
@2005-09-22 09:34:04
Hi, I am new to this site, I am preparing for Level 1 on June 2006. I tried accessing the notes on this site, but it says it's only for paid members. Is it a good investment? Please help.
@2005-10-19 23:25:55
Hi, I am new to this site. My major is economic. I don't think I have enough finanical backgound for level 1. Any suggestion for the study notes? Is the notes from this website is good enough for passing the exam or I need the extra text book? Please help.
@2005-10-20 07:22:48
Yes the notes here are far more enough for you to pass the CFA exams. Based on my real experience, analystnotes and schweser notes are of similar quality.
@2005-10-20 23:11:08
Hi TerHaar,
What is your background? In general, how long should I take to complete the analystnotes?
@2005-10-23 07:40:03
People, I am planning to take level 2 in July 06. Some of you mentioned the various sources of reference books. Eg CFacenter and Allen Resources..etc.

Could someone kindly explain more about the reference books? Such as which reference books would be helpful. Anyone from Malaysia?

Terhaar...are the notes in this site useful enough for level 2? I am a new user to this place. Thanks
@2005-10-28 14:51:55
I'm not clear on this... Is CFAcenter the same as AnalystNotes? In other words, the site that we're on right now? And when you say you used CFAcenter notes, do you mean the ones that are available off the web, with membership only, or some print material you have to order?

@2005-11-04 02:28:28
Anybody tried the Practice Exam offered by AnalystNotes ? any comments?
@2005-12-10 12:31:26
I am preparing for L1 June 2006 and have bought CFA centre notes. They are basic but they cover all the topics . its complete syllabus. Best option would be prepare from CFA centre notes and take the CFA Centre mock exams in May 2006. You will know where you stand. By the way the notes are very voluminous. 4000 pages all together. but in a nutshell you should be able to crack L1 from CFA centre notes. 2 of my friends have cracked it from CFA centre. No text books needed. Moreover, we will not have the time to study from both notes and text book. So trust CFA centre notes and you should get thru'

@2005-12-15 06:36:23
Hi, i am preparing for L1 Dec 2006, but the problem is here in Russia we have not enough information about the textbooks we should use. I need a textbook not just to review but to learn a lot of new info. what can you advise? Thanks
@2009-04-13 18:39:34
Hi Everyone,
Such a nice forum layout, I love being here!
@2009-04-28 02:11:14
Hi Everyone,
What a forum, this forum surely will get many quality members for not too long :p
@2010-05-14 15:27:47
Hi all,

I just enrolled for CFA L1 in Dec 2010 and this forum is giving me lots of valuable tips and suggestions. I am still contemplating what resources to use for studying - but looks like I am leaning towards CFAI for now.
@2010-06-28 05:55:53
I am completely relying for the CFAI books and going through them thou throughly. I think no other material be it stell, swecher or allen notes can substitute cfai books. As this has been meant to serve non finance background students as well. They have been written scientifically and illustrated by sample examples. However, one think that is needed is to practice as much questions as one can and for this purpose i am relying on Analystnotes which i feel is very nice and helpful. Theories and concepts have been placed beautifully and there are some nice thought provoking questions. Besides you can know your ranking etc that can at least give some sort of confidence before real exam. I have seen swechser and stalla etc but they are complete crap so far as designing intelligent questions are concerned.
@2010-07-01 06:25:14
HI all,

i'm about to register for the CFA L1 in Dec 2010. wondering how long would it take the books to arrive Malaysia.

also wondering which study notes are the best? it seems like swecher's notes are way too expensive. any better value for money recommendations?

@2010-07-26 21:28:21
hi folks
I am Hari Bodduna
I passed Level 1 June 2010.
$69 analystnotes subscription money well spent.
See you folks at Level 2 june 2011.
@2010-08-07 10:26:04
I have just around 120 days left and am new to this field,which notes do you guys suggest me to go through. CFA textbooks or AnalystNotes or any other. Please suggest. Thanks
@2010-12-23 01:10:16
I have no finance background at all.

Some of you guys are recommending CFA Centre material plus a full study textbook.

I haven't registered with CFA Centre yet but have been testing the water by studying notes.

Which study textbooks would you recommend for someone with no background knowledge?

@2016-01-29 00:05:07
CFACenter is AnalystNotes. was the first domain name used by 6-8 years ago.

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