AuthorTopic: Which offer should I take?
@2018-08-11 13:08:43
Guys, i just got three offers and the salary is almost the same. Any advice is helpful.

First offer: Information Security Specialist in one of the biggest Management consulting firm. It is the outsourcing dept of the firm (i am located in Asia). Very standard working hour without much OT. However, the career path seems limited.

Second Offer: Entry-level Analyst position in one of the biggest HR consulting firm. It requires longer working hour and decent amount of OT. I will be rotated in different teams and eventually pick one depend on my own interest. Seems very flexible structure and good career path. However, this is not related to my finance major.

Third Offer: Credit Analyst position in a major european bank. This is related to my previous job in NY. It seems pretty stable, however i prolly will stuck in commercial banking industry for a while.

The salary are almost identical and i plan go to B-school in three to four years. This could be a big factor too. I will get back to them tomorrow so any answer is really helpful.

Thanks everyone.
@2018-08-15 19:43:58
What are your longer term career goals (after B-School)? What industry would you like to be in? What do you want to do?

What would your job entail in the first offer?

I would assume that the third offer is the best of these if you want to stay in finance.

I do not know were you are and I know almost nothing about recruitment in Asia.
@2018-08-31 13:39:18
3rd is the best; may lead to fixed income analyst/bond analyst / corporate finance analyst - if you're interested in financial markets to PM Fixed income, the list goes on.

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