AuthorTopic: Which Question Bank to Use for Level 1 Dec 2015 exams?
@2015-07-05 09:35:57

i am appearing in Level 1 - DEC 2015 exams.

currently i am practising End of Chapter questions from CFAI, Schweser Text books, as well as AnalystNotes question bank.

do you think i should use any other question bank as well.

as we all know its all about practicing the right way.

i will appreciate your kind advices


@2015-07-10 02:56:34
Is it better to take LOS quiz or Browse questions on Scheweser Qbank? In Browse questions section I think you would find more questions testing the same concepts repeatedly which I feel is waste of time. Any IDEAS on using the Schweser Q bank?
@2015-07-11 19:07:42
I would do the AnalystNotes basic questions/quiz initially so that you learn the key concepts. In the weeks leading up to the exam, I would focus on doing review questions so that you thoroughly review all of the material.

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Thanks again for your wonderful site ... it definitely made the difference.
Craig Baugh

Craig Baugh