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@2015-03-19 13:49:42
Hi Everyone,

I plan on enrolling in CFA Level 1 in December 2015 and plan on relying exclusively on a Test Prep curriculum to study the required material. I work full time as a Financial Advisor and have a new baby on the way, due in a month.

I am trying to determine if relying exclusively on Test Prep curriculum is a wise decision, want to obtain the best value for my investment in selecting the best package (i.e. study notes, practice exams etc...) and want to determine which Prep company to purchase from (i.e. Kaplan, AnalystNotes etc..).

Any advice is appreciated.
@2015-03-22 14:33:23
I am not sure if I would be comfortable relying on a 15 day course to prep for the CFA Level 1 exam, given that the recommended study time is approx. 250-300 hours, depending on your previous work experience, education and other life commitments. I have read many threads on the site in which posters debate the amount of study time necessary in order to pass a required level. In my opinion, it depends on your situation as outlined above.

I think I need to spend more time reviewing more threads on this topic to obtain more information and go from there.
@2019-05-16 08:30:18
Honestly the books are the best prep. I wouldnt rely solely on a study guide provider, however they do complement your studying with additional examples etc.

I have been using both Schweser and AnalystNotes and have to say that the basic questions provided by AN do quite a good job at solidifying concepts and have been using them after every reading. Having said that, QBank is great as well as you are able to see which LOS each question is referring to. Either one would be enough to COMPLEMENT your study.

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