AuthorTopic: Who else started in July 2014 for L1 DEC 2014?
@2014-07-16 08:09:01
Wondering if any one here who started preparing for CFA in mid july or I am the only one…

I am trying to put 30 hour per week…I have 18 weeks in hand…..(Background : Non finance )

Share your 18 week plan with your background. And will appreciate if people who prepared in 18 weeks can share their experience.

@2014-07-29 14:19:19
I started end of June.. but could easily compare with your situation as I haven’t got much done.. Although do have a finance background. I am currently running through the analystnotes material, and may continue to use it given the time I have. and do EOC questions from CFAI and do more problems.. I find it helpful trying review questions before/after the reading.. essentially while commuting.. I also find it useful to revise the material/key concepts/difficult problems of the previosu reading before I start the current.

Lets see how it goes..

Good Luck..
@2014-08-29 03:11:45
I have just signed up for the december exam:) so i have to start studying.

My study plan is 1.5 SS per week plus 6 weeks of revision and mock exams. I am in an internship until 31st of august so i think i will start easier and then catch up.

CFA Discussion Topic: Who else started in July 2014 for L1 DEC 2014?

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Your review questions and global ranking system were so helpful.