AuthorTopic: Who else thinks the FSA solutions manual $ucks!
@2018-03-15 07:16:38
What a piece of garbage.
@2018-03-17 09:56:03
Did you mean the solution manual for the FSA text written by White, Sondhi & Fried? Can you please elaborate on why is it garbage? I heard they're bad too, but I found it pointless doing the chapter end questions without solutions.
@2018-05-05 12:11:03
Explanation of "garbage". I have found a few inaccuracies in their answers and they sometimes solve problems differently than is outlined in the text. Finally they sometimes lump a bunch of calculations together and do not indicate how they were done (you end up losing time by trying to figure out what they did because it can be far from obvious). It is better than nothing, but I have seen a lot better.

Oh and yes the FSA solutions manual by White, Sondhi & Fried.

CFA Discussion Topic: Who else thinks the FSA solutions manual $ucks!

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