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@2011-01-20 06:00:27
Hi all

I have sat the CFA exam level 1 exam and failed but i will not blame the books because at times its more on undertstanding the topic, however i do realise that i did not get enough question practice. The ones in Schweser are very different from the real ones. Does anyones know which provider has the best question practice?
@2011-01-20 06:55:33
@2011-01-20 09:53:43
I had and Schweser to study for the lvl 1 and I passed.

Schweser is nothing compare to analystnotes. Analystnotes provide LOTS of questions + 6 mocks exam and alot of them are harder than the one in the real exam.
@2011-01-20 20:55:02
used schweser and analystnotes for level one and also passed, will do the same for level 2. I know there is no way I'd make it through all the textbooks, really don't see how anyone could.
@2011-01-21 01:35:10
I am new to Analyst, need some help here.

I just passed Level I in december and plan on taking Level II in June 2011. I was about to purhase Schweiser again (I used them for my L1) but saw some pretty nasty threads about them...:)

So, if I purchase AnalystNotes...should it be enough? How are the notes? they cover ALL the LOS'?

@2011-06-28 18:37:36
I took Level I in Dec 2010 and didn't pass it. I studied using the Schweser notes. I want to take it again. Any suggestions/recommendations for me ?? Thanks.
@2011-11-13 10:22:37
can any one pls tell me on what basis cfa institute decide the passing mark...?
is it like if u get 40 % or 50 % then u r pass ?
@2019-03-27 02:05:58
angel1984, it is around 70-75% the pass mark.

I used analystnotes + elan for level 1 and passed, planing to use analyst notes + elan and scheweser for level 2, scheweser for the notes and videos elan for questions and analystnotes for questions and notes.

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I was very pleased with your notes and question bank. I especially like the mock exams because it helped to pull everything together.
Martin Rockenfeldt

Martin Rockenfeldt