AuthorTopic: Who is the richest CFA in the world?
@2018-05-19 22:53:13
Forgive me please, I know this question may seem superficial, but it is really the same thing as the billionaires list on Forbes which is a highly reputable publication:

Who is the richest CFA in the world (or top 3 of if known)? What does he/she do? Run a hedge fund or PE firm? Manage pension funds? A private investor? Or a super star analyst that Wall Street hangs on his/her every word?

I?m only asking b/c I don't really have a lot of desire to go into finance; I just enjoy investing, want to know a lot more, and enjoy the challenge of the CFA material. I'm already comfortable in my career, but just want to know what is possible.

So any idea of who the world?s richest CFA might be? Or what would be a CFA salary in the 90 percentile?


@2018-05-29 08:00:22
While Warren Buffett has never held the charter, as far as I know, his mentor, Bengamin Graham, was instrumental in the founding of what is now the CFAI. Interesting that Buffett is not generally associated with the designation. I wonder if there is a representation of charterholders through the ranks of BRK.

CFA Discussion Topic: Who is the richest CFA in the world?

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