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@2014-11-15 08:02:19
I have BE in Mechanical Engineering and worked in India for nearly 8 years in a steel manufacturing company.

During my job in manufacturing company I completed MBA. Was not very interested in Finance during that period and instead specialized in Marketing and System. Changed my career in IT and moved to Canada.

For last 8 years I have been working in IT and have accomplished fairly well only to realize now that I am (or perhaps in future will not) not enjoying it anymore. Perhaps time for 2nd career change.

But before I go for second career change, I want to capitalize on my unique situation, that is my previous experiences and qualification.

Recently I started developing lots of interest in Investments and Portfolio management (though I do not claim any substantial knowledge or experience in those fields). In that process I thought of going for CFA.

However, couple of worries have started developing in my mind. Firstly, will I get any entry at this age(38, by the time complete CFA would be about 40) and having very varied kind of experiences in spite of completing CFA? I assume it will put the interviewer in doubt about my sincerity in a profession.

Secondly, if at all I get a break or two, what will be a normal expected salary in Toronto or in any big city in North America? I do not mind initial start with lower numbers but eventually will it take me to good position and numbers or will it be a new journey altogether?

Please share if some one has similar experience and advise me. I am planning for June 2015 level 1, if I get positive feedback.
@2015-01-12 12:27:10
What made you wanna pursue the CFA charter and what are your plans after passing the level 1 exam?

i guess it would only make sense to tell you a bit about myself before asking you guys. I decided to do this because i thought studying for CFA would help me get an overview of Finance in general. I'm currently working towards a MSF degree, so it kinda helps me with some classes (and vice versa). My main concern right now, besides passing the exam in June, is that I feel like i need to plan ahead and think about what i'd do once i pass this one and finish school in the fall. By then, i'll hopefully have a "candidate for CFA level 2" and a master's degree on my resume, i'm most likely going to leave my current job, and i feel like i need to figure out which field i'm interested in, at least. i don't know what i should do to figure out which part of Finance is right for me.

Do you guys know what you want to do once the exam is over and the result comes out? i'm definitely thinking way ahead and should just concentrate on studying right now, but can't stop thinking about this.
@2018-07-11 21:09:58
Because it is VERY recognized and appreciated here in Saudi Arabia. According to CFAI here in Riyadh, there are only 18 Saudi CFAs! That is one crazy motivation for me. The demand is extremely high and the charter would easily double your salary.

As for my plans, I'm registered for the December exam. After that I'm starting my MBA in fall 2018. I don't have clear plans on when to finish level 2 and 3, but most likely i'll do them after the MBA.

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