AuthorTopic: Why does no one use CFAI materials?
@2018-10-11 10:14:05
I'm just reading through the CFAI materials. Why is everyone else using 3rd party study materials?
@2018-10-13 16:10:55
For L1 the 3rd party materials are enough to pass? If you want to read 300 page ethics instead of 80 pages of study notes go ahead.
@2018-11-15 10:01:56
I read both. The CFAI material is really interesting and very well written by some very intelligent people. The topics tend to stick better also from reading the CFAI books. However, as Miss10 mentioned above, it will def take longer to get thru the material

If you really have a passion for finance (I say that because I really feel you get more out of the CFA when you use their material), and you?re afforded the time, I would def try to use the CFAI books in conjunction with AnalystNotes.
@2018-11-30 08:37:38
Just practice questions, only way to ace the exam.

CFA Discussion Topic: Why does no one use CFAI materials?

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Colin Sampaleanu