AuthorTopic: Why does the CFAI emphasize such secrecy?
@2018-05-19 10:06:04
As an upcoming level 1 test taker, I have been doing my due dilligence and research looking into all things CFA related. One thing that has struck me time and time again, is the incredible emphasis by the CFAI to shroud so much information in secrecy and not release many facts.

Does it strike anyone else that they go out of their way to hide information and keep things unknown? Stuff that would otherwise be harmless to know?

It doesn't really bother me too much. I am still excited and ready to start the exams and see just how well I can do on these bad boys.

I just find it interesting and think that there must be an underlying motive for them to be so hush-hush about stuff. Do they think perhaps that releasing all the information would cut down on the number of test takers, or perhaps increase it? Are they afraid that releasing all sorts of data and facts would diminish the prestige of the charter? Maybe Im the only one that has even noticed this or feels this way. What do you think?
@2018-05-20 21:43:26
What exactly do you think they're overly secretive about?

Well, never releasing any sort of information about the details regarding test results/pass rates. What percent of people pass all the exams, of the pass rates of each exam, how many are 1st timers vs retakers. What score was needed to pass, salary figures of charterholders ... ... not allowing to discuss what was on an exam.

it just seems that they pride themselves on making many aspects of the whole thing unknown. Obviously they???re free to do as they please. I just thought it was interesting that they aren???t exactly upfront about a lot of things.
@2018-05-30 13:43:09
I imagine that if somebody really cared and truly think they got screwed, they could sue CFAI and a lot would come out in the wash in the discovery process. But to date, nobody has ever sued them over their test scores, as far as I know.

I, for one, would not want to pay many tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees just for them to "prove" to me that I got below the MPS.

CFA Discussion Topic: Why does the CFAI emphasize such secrecy?

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