AuthorTopic: will I be an associate or analyst?
@2015-07-05 02:10:04

If I enter equity research after completing my MBA at a top 5 school will I be taken in as an associate or analyst.

@2015-08-06 11:22:09
Internally or externally?

Within the bank, I am an analyst (pre-mba) and you would be an associate.

As far as external goes (business card, etc..) we are both associates.

My guess is that your title will vary but it will be something along the lines of "Associate" or "Associate Analyst"
@2015-08-07 15:35:52
Certainly not trying to pick fights here, but if you are working on an MBA from a top 5 school, it seems to me you would already know the answer to that question.

Generally speaking, undergrad = analyst, mba = associate
@2015-08-25 05:23:41
This really depends on work experience. I don't really know about the top 5 schools, but I'm in a top 25 school and I bet I would be brought in as an analyst. But then again, I went to a state school (still at a publicly funded state school) with no analyst experience. I imagine that with no experience you would be an analyst unless you interview really well or have a strong rapport with the decision makers at the firm you are looking at.
@2017-12-13 11:42:32

In equity research an analyst is higher than an associate.

In I-banking, an associate is higher than an analyst.

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