AuthorTopic: Will you pass if you just read the required readings?
@2012-12-22 11:08:53
Okay, so I paid a ridiculously high amount of money to register for the exams in June and bought all the required readings. Now, I know this questions surrounding this topic are the most common in this forum, but I haven't found a particular answer to the following:

If I just study the CFA I Curriculum Material from beginning to end, is there any reason to buy any of the additional study notes?
@2013-01-03 23:58:44
im using analystnotes + cfai..

compared to the cost of CFAI readings, the $99 I paid here was nothing.
@2013-01-07 09:25:26
I would at least get the AN's online package for the Qbank.

The online web course /seminar is not for me. I rather set my own pace to study.

@2013-02-28 23:49:01
I used only the CFA material provided and used analyst notes q's towards the end.

There is no need to buy anything in addition.

It is about the amount of reading you do, not how much you pay someone else for their notes.

@2013-03-11 07:30:28
I passed level 1 with greater than 70% in every category and never once opened a single CFA book. In fact, there were only 2 questions on the entire test that I didn't know.

I used AN only for studying, and I did every single question on this site twice. Then I bought a year old Schweser exam book. It contains 6 practice exams and explanations for each problem at the end. I took 2 practice tests per week for the 6 weeks leading up to the exam, one from Schweser and one from AN each week.

If you are like me and can't stand reading the books, try my approach! I was extremely well prepared and walked out of the test knowing I passed. Good luck!
@2013-03-12 13:07:24
If you just read - maybe you'll pass - maybe you won't... depends how much you read and how bright you are.

I think doing questions is a better stratergy than just reading. I passed L1 first time a while back using only analystnotes. I did all the questions including the 6 mock exams.

I like that the AN review questions give you pretty good feedback as to how you are doing - you want to be getting like 80%+ right, then you know you are about up to standard. I'm way off that on L2 at the moment. More like 40%...

If you just read you are less likely to allocate your study time efficiently. I find the study kind of dull so the quicker the better. If you love the stuff then maybe spend mucho hours reading...

The required readings contain easily enough info. I think the analystnotes contain enough and are like a third the length
@2014-05-10 13:11:01
I thought that reading the required readings and doing practice exams was sufficient but that was not so and I have to re do the exam again. I am registered with an online trainer now so that I will get into the exam passing strategy.
Ihave read the texts and understand the subject what I lack is the strategy of focussing on key points

it calls for athorough understanding of the subject matter and knowing it from all angles because the questions requires thorough understanding
@2019-06-29 08:49:23
Yes you can easily pass just by reading the CFA I Curriculum Material. It is more than sufficient if you completely cover up the syllabus from CFA books. Just ensure to read the critical concepts behind each topic area and solve the questions after each chapter.

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