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@2016-04-12 21:20:18
Hello all. I am registered for June Level I exam. Currently I have studied only with analystnotes question bank.. and I am studying marcoecon section at the moment. I have a full time job so Its tough for me to study. I feel that I am not going to be ready when exam comes. Do you guys think that I should still go ahead and write the test or should I withdraw from it(even though I do not get refund)?
@2016-04-13 07:56:52

Even I am into full time job and somehow squeeze in at least 1.5 hours per day. I dont think you should withdraw. Keep studying consistently and keep on taking the questions regularly which would help you to monitor your weakness. Thats what I do and am also preparing for June Le v I exams. So hope for the best.
@2016-04-16 07:13:45
Give it your best shot... you have nothing to lose (except a little $). It's unlikely that you will pass, but you can re-enroll for the December exam and know exactly what to expect. And you won't have to purchase a different set of textbooks for December.
@2016-05-14 07:19:59
Hello, I withdrew myself the L1 exam in June 15 and I regret doing that; I did that because it was the year of my graduation and very busy with my finals; but I could have taken the exam and familiarize the test format and overall exam structure.

Don't do the same mistake that I did; It won't hurt, but rather help a lot.
@2016-05-17 18:30:01
don't worry.. u r still on the right track and we are all in the same boat. i m also going crazy over here.. just keep going on...:)
@2016-05-21 19:39:34
If you withdraw your exam you still have to pay for the next exam. I love that the CFA does everything in their power to get people to keep forking over money to them.

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