AuthorTopic: Woo Hoo!!!
@2008-01-23 14:30:53
Congrats to others that passed too^^

I got below 50% in Economics lol, did ok in the rest.

To those of you that missed, really sorry, don't give should be proud of work u put in
@2008-01-24 03:44:22
Whats the minimum number of sections to get above 50%
@2008-01-24 05:43:50
I passed too! Practice questions made all the difference to me.....sticking with this strategy going forward.
@2008-01-24 07:21:36
Ok fellas, I failed. Using a 40/60/80 break out, the score I calculated was 60% correct. Overall I felt 50/50 on my chances of passing but fell more then marginally short. The study methods for my first time through was to read through the complete CFAI material that I bought off their website once, browsed through what I highlighted the second time around, and did some Schweser problems closer to the test date. My questions to the winners is how did you pass? What worked for you and what do you think would work for me? I donít think I am conceptually lost at all on the material; working, pursuing my MBA, and planning a wedding, Iíll use as a lame excuse for my failure. Should I buy the new material off the CFA website for 2008? Basically how did you pass and what do you think were your strengths and weaknesses in studying. Essentially how would you do it again if you failed and had to go at level I one more time. I wish I knew about this website before. I am not going to try Schweser again as it appeared its questions were much simpler than the real ones. I think I was more or less unprepared for the TEST as opposed to the material. Thank you all so much!!!
@2008-01-24 08:46:46
Well, I am quite satisfied.

Level 1: Pass

The table below illustrates your subject matter strengths and weaknesses. The three columns on the right are marked with asterisks to indicate your performance on each question or topic area.

Multiple Choice Q# Topic Max Pts <=50% 51%-70% >70%
- Alternative Assets 12 - - *
- Derivatives 12 - - *
- Economics 24 - - *
- Equity Analysis 24 - - *
- Ethical & Professional Stnds. 36 - - *
- Financial Statement Analysis 68 - - *
- Fixed Income Analysis 24 - - *
- General Portfolio Management 12 - - *
- Quantitative Analysis 28 - - *
@2008-01-24 15:34:31
One more here fellas. I did not practice schewser sample and Analystnotes mock exam; thats why I could not manage my morning session and had to guess atleast 30 questions in random before time expired. But I do finish on time afternoon session and had plenty of time to review to check my answers. Luckily I passed. Wow, I still could not believe it how I passed. Good luck for Level II.
@2008-01-25 03:30:36
Starwar, I failed the first time and passed this time (so you know im not some super smart guy). I studied (the second time) just like you except the second time through, after reading, I notecarded ALL the material. Anything that helped me remember the important parts of each section, graphs, acronyms, whatever. Then I could study the material anywhere as long as I got a free second. Then about a month before the test I did problems to make sure I knew my formulas. So I read, notecarded (that mainly gets to understanding) then I did problems and practice tests to make sure i knew formulas. Combined that helped me....everyone learns different but maybe that will help you tweak your preparation enuff to pass. GL

@2008-01-25 05:54:39
I have passed Level I too. was a big help!!! Thanks
@2008-01-25 06:26:41
Which practice exams did u practice?
@2008-01-26 00:55:47
I skated by on this one. I was "under 50%" on Econ, Alternative Assets, and Derviatives (48 q's).

And I was in the 51-70% range for FixedInc, FinancialStatments (92 q's)

I was above 70% on the 100 remaining q's - Quant, Ethics, PortManagement, Equity Analysis.

Using a 40/60/80 approximation mentioned by one person, my score would be a not very impresseive 63/64%. I think I was over 60% on Financial Statements, and over 80% on the Quant and Ethics, but can't really prove it.

Best Guess: My range was 64 to 70%, probably got 66/67% right, with a solid score in Ethics.

For those of you keeping score, I took all six mock exams on Analyst Notes and only cracked the top 40% in two of 6. (one was 1 month early, one was near the end).

StarWar, don't give up. You are close. This site is "OK" for part 1. I do wonder about how well it's updated for annual syllabus changes. Good luck.
@2008-01-26 07:17:35
I passed too, that was my first effort, but I pass it.The thing which is very important to pass is trusting yourself.You can win if u want.
@2008-01-29 20:41:23
I passed Level I. Thank you Analyst Notes! I went through all of Analyst Notes' practice exams, understood key concepts, and memorized 10 handwritten pages worth of formulas in order to pass. Only 4 months left until Level II in June 2008!

Subject breakout was: 4 for > 70%; 4 for 51-70%; 1 for < 50%.

I crammed like a mofo for this exam; I didn't sleep for 24 hours because I was too nervous-- then I took the exam! Did you guys see the postcards that come with the Level II package? They're kind of funny.
@2008-02-04 18:42:53
Jmcneal i followed the same strategy but failed did all the note cards, but the time management at the exam is where I had failed....
@2008-02-12 18:04:39
Sorry to hear that Mir. I didnt pass the first time so i know it can be frustrating. If you take it again then you shouldn't have to read as much and now you can take those cards, make sure they have everything you had issues with in the test, then focus on pratice problems.

I hope you fulfill your dream of passing...if that is what you really want stay with it. Time management can be practiced especially if you know the material.
@2008-02-25 05:18:41
The trick to any exam is to practice taking the exam under simulated conditions. I passed LI on my first attempt just reading the material and taking practice questions on Then I spent a few days before the test taking the mock exams (some from CFA Institute, some from Analyst notes). I would take a section just like the real exam, drive around for an hour, eat, and come back for another mock session. It helps to do this during the same part of the day as the real exam, but I didn't have that luxury. I'm not a super smart guy, but this strategy has helped me score in the top 10-15% of almost every major test I've ever taken.
@2008-09-11 19:29:18
I totally agree. Read required readings if you don't know the subject at all, or it's a waste of time. Practice lots and lots of questions!
@2008-09-27 04:47:17
Well, I am taking Level 2 in june 2009 and don't want to take it twice as I did with level one.Well I figured out a strategic approach for level one, which might be very risky for some. When I failed the first time, I registered the very day the result were out.To me it was a challenge, and the reason for my failure was that I did not go through sample questions before the exam.

Now taking it the second time, I figured, those sections with many questions and strive for >70 and the others could be contain in >50-70 but not <50%. My result gave me 5 sections above 70% and the total questions were 114 while the rest was 50-70%. I realise that obviously gave me an average of 70% overall. My strenght was FSA, Economics,Quant,Fixed Income,portfolio Management

This may be a winning strategy but for me it was not good enough but appretiated given the short time I put in studying.
@2008-10-21 16:47:59

Congratulations to all of you who passed. I've realised recently that I have not left for myself enough time to study. It's 46 (almost 45 days) until the exam and at this point I am only relatively confident with Ethics, 50% of Quants and 50% of FSA, do you think I still have a chance if I put all the remaining weekends and evenings into this?

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