AuthorTopic: work experience requirements - possible changes???
@2004-10-13 05:29:43
a friend of mine out west sent me this link.

check it out.

(bottom of page 1 and top of 2)

although its only a local society, i have heard rumours for a while that aimr is considering making the requirements more stringent as well.
@2004-10-13 22:21:31
what about folks who start out taking the exams under the current working requirements? say they pass two exams and they are not in the "finance" industry but fit one of the 51 (i think that was the number quoted in the minutes) categories of employment eligible for membership. now you go and reduce that number to twenty something and their career and work experience doesnt count anymore. what happens to this person? i see the same thing happening in the actuarial field where they are constantyl redesigning exams and re-construcitng requirements to be an makes things very confusing and ultimately hurts the candidates (imo)... i jsutt want to know waht would happen to those already involved in the exam process under the current working requirements if they changed the requirements before that person finished with the charter?
@2004-10-16 16:02:56
hiya absolutely i think there isnt any need to chg the work req but even if they do then not only the currently employed plus the prospective new stdts would have a go at other "analyst qualifications" available internationally so harm for stdts only to inst will suffer the LOSS /////////

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