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@2017-01-30 05:23:35
I need advice from the community. I am really struggling with my work environment at the moment. I am the only subordinate in the office and I am struggling with this aspect of my work life. There was another guy at my firm on my level, but he recently left so it is now just "me and the boss."

I have never worked in a place where I am the only subordinate. Most of the time my boss is here, but he travels occasionally and so sometimes I am the only person in the office. I generally like to be around people (not all the time!) because I like to compete and measure myself against others. For the first time in my life I am finding it hard to get motivated. I like to have others around because they push me to do better, plus I like the company. Have any of you been in a similar situation. How do you stay motivated?

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Colin Sampaleanu