AuthorTopic: Would CFA help in my career?
@2014-06-12 09:19:48
I'm working as a controlling specialist in a big insurance company and I am considering the opportunity to pass the CFA exam. I have a masters degree in Accounting and controlling.
Would it be helpful for me?

Thank you
@2014-06-22 18:32:51
It depends on what you want to do with your CFA. Do you think it will help you further your career in insurance?
@2014-06-29 19:13:13
The CFA designation is primarily focused on investment analysis and portfolio management. If you want to work in those fields, or if those topics are part of your current job, then yes, it could help.
@2017-08-18 13:54:04
know a few accountants that hated CFA and therefore didn't do well. If you are an analytical type then perhaps it is for you. As opposed to processing and controlling CFA shows you how to make adjustments in order to analyze financial statements.
I used to work in an insurance and life investment company - scope for CFA there would be in bond issuance(STRIPS) to retail clients.

Go to a library and look up some of the prescribed text books and just page through to get an idea of the field of study.

I think it is awesome stuff.

Adam. Johannesburg.

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