AuthorTopic: Would my work experience count?
@2019-04-01 21:16:38
Would being a broker at Scottrade count as relavent work experience towards earning your CFA?
@2019-04-21 10:33:21
I am pretty sure it would count towards the CFA charter!
@2019-07-03 23:16:57
The questions would be: Do you ONLY take orders? Or do you talk to clients about asset allocation/risk or in any other way insert yourself into the investment decisionmaking process?

If you ONLY take orders, then no. But I assume you would need to help investors make decisions. So, it very well may count. The big issue is how you write your request to CFAI. You should align your wording as closely to the criterion for acceptance as possible. Many times people don't get all their months because they don't do a good job describing their job and the alignment with the standard.

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