AuthorTopic: Would you violate CFAI Standards in this case?
@2019-02-02 07:33:38
You are taking the CFA exam and you decided to go to the toilet half way through. After you entered the toilet cubicle and locked the door you saw some CFA notes left behind by somebody else. You ignored the notes and quickly want to go back to finish off your exam. However, a proctor caught you red handed with the notes inside the cubicle you were in. There is no way to prove you have no association with the notes. Did you violate any CFAI ethics and standards? What could you have done to avoid violating CFAI Standards?
@2019-02-03 10:55:25
Yes, you are allowed to go to the bathroom, however I'm not sure if you are allowed to poop or get locked inside a cubicle (don't think so). Don't know how the girls do, I think they pee with the door open and a female proctor watching their actions.

I would be practically sure that if some notes are left there before the exam, proctors will erase them from there. They always clear the place.
@2019-02-04 06:39:18
WHAT?????? You can't even poop or close the door to pee??? That sounds like a violation of basic human rights.
@2019-02-05 20:59:14
It's under Standard IV 17 - Defecation within enclosed space is prohibited unless written agreement is received by your supervisor.
@2019-03-24 01:31:43
Not sure about the poop thing during the exam, maybe is allowed, however with the door open tho. Think about it, you can write (formulas, concepts, etc) over your skin under the clothes, or have hidden papers behind your clothes. It is totally necessary to watch the candidate actions to prevent cheating. A great advice: don't drink much water before the exam, go to the bathroom and do whatever you need, etc.

I'm afraid it is not a violation of the human rights, you just pledged to a esoteric rule set and that is great for everyone.

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