@2005-04-20 09:28:40
Anyone heared of the private bankers -

Still waiting to hear from a hedge fund but they want to run a final interview for a position in their Dubai office. Opinions??

?10 million before I'm 35. ?100 million before I'm 50.
@2005-04-21 10:37:15
Just to clarify, several positions I've turned down - mainly as some recruitment consultants gave me a false background to some positions. I've probably interviewed with around 15-20 places (some good names Morgan Stanley, ML, Deutsche Bank, SG, State Street, Northern Trust, JP Morgan and several Hedge Funds/small investment houses). Have good CV and can usually pull of most interviews now - I'm an expert at the interview stage, all questions and bases tend to be covered so I come across well.

It's funny because at several interviews I've been offered full selections of a light lunch and good drink if there has been several other candidates at the event + I've been able to claim full travel expenses about 4-5 times more than the true cost - all in a very nice day. 15-20 interviews is nothing compared to what some MBA's take when they are unsure on their niche area - I read several candidates at some top 10 schools took 40+ just to test the water, get a feel of what the firms offered and realised that they had made the correct career choice - it's all about energy and been able to do it. Hopefully, when I finish the MBA I'll be much more focused on my niche area and interview with 3-4 firms. Until then.
@2005-05-15 11:21:05
Hello lion2004,

You mentioned about a hedge fund and their Dubai office, i'm a Fund manager for a Investment house in Dubai and we are currently seeking out for Junior Dealers,was wondering if you did be interested.

If you could tell me about the name of the hedge fund in Dubai, maybee can help you further.

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I just wanted to share the good news that I passed CFA Level I!!! Thank you for your help - I think the online question bank helped cut the clutter and made a positive difference.
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