AuthorTopic: Your feeling?
@2004-06-05 12:01:04
Test centers are closed in Europe....What is your feeling about the exam? I think the questions were not so easy (e.g. Ethics) and sometimes time-consuming (e.g. Fin. Statements) and there have been some tricky ones...but overall I have a good feeling getting at least 70%. What about you?
@2004-06-05 16:55:39
I agree, definatley harder than any practice exam I took...also well designed in that you couldn't really logic your way into the right answer, you had to actualy know what you were doing most of the time
@2004-06-06 08:58:50
Really? I feel they are much more easier than the mock exams here, even easier than the Schweser mock exams.
@2004-06-06 09:55:36
I totally got screwed on the first half, I must have guessed like at least 30 questions, and most of them were accounting questions. And yes, the second half was much easier than the first.
@2004-06-06 11:47:17
BS the exam was easier than the mock exams!
@2004-06-06 12:05:41
I think the exam is harder than the mock exmas here in the sense that you can't apply any trick to eliminate obvious wrong choices, you have to know exactly the concept.

Or more precisely, the first half is defintely harder than any mocks, especially in FSA. The second half is similar to the mocks but no easy tricks. ALso I found ethinics are very tricky. I couldn't decide the last two choices for several questions.
@2004-06-06 12:21:39
who else thinks they failed?
@2004-06-06 16:04:51
I agree...the ethics question were much more difficult than any practice questions. I thought they had topics that were not covered at all in any review materials or even in the AIMR standards books. I've blocked them from my memory - not that I am allowed to mention them here anyway.
@2004-06-06 21:02:27
ahan is right, there are no short cuts to eliminating some of the answers.

Also lots of "double edged" questions where you had to do 2 calculations to get one correct choice. These were more time consuming than the mock exam questions.
@2004-06-06 22:06:13
If I have only about 50% correct in the morning session and over 70% correct in the afternoon session, is it probably for me to pass....
@2004-06-07 01:19:05
Overall, I thought that the exam was fair - neither too difficult nor too easy. The only section that I thought was really challenging was the morning ethics section. I guess I should have listened to everybody and read the ethics book.I had relied almost entirely on cfacenter. I found that it covered everything in the exam (except, perhaps some of the am ethics questions). The quantitative section was surprisingly easy. I had been told that, what with the new textbook, things could be completely unexpected. Well, it turned out to be very similar to previous exams.The accounting part had a couple of challenging questions - the ones with the ratios in the tables and you had to figure out what was happening.

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