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Which of the following is (are) NOT (a) key property (properties) of a probability function?

I. Each individual probability must lie between 0 and 1 inclusive.
II. The sum of all probabilities over the entire range of the random variable must equal 1.

A. I only.
B. II only.
C. None of the above.
Correct Answer: C

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surob Why II is incorrect?
surob Never mind. I should have read the question carefully.
eb2568 happens to the rest of us
dnoyelles that's really annoying.
bobert NOT NOT NOT NOT.... hate that word
MattyBo 1. Can't have probability < 0%
2. Probability must add to 100%
Shalva I love this site
CFAonTheBrain i should read the question more carefully

CFAI exam like this kind of wordings. e.g. least likely, most likely, etc.
bundy Probability P(X=x) is a number btw 0 and 1
The sum of the probabilities P(X=x)over all values of x = 1
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