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Which of the following statements most accurately describes a situation in which the regression coefficient between a security and the market index is 0.4?

A. Movements in the market explain 40% of the variation in the security's return.
B. For every percent move in the market, the security's return is expected to change by 0.4%
C. The relationship between the two securities is positive, however, the degree to which they move in the same direction is not perfect.
D. This certainly implies that portfolio has a high degree of unsystematic risk.
Correct Answer: B

Regression coefficient is really the slope of a regression equation.

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danlan2 Other choices are for correlation coefficient, not regression coefficient.
xiajessy what is the difference of regression coefficient and correlation coefficient? under this situation in the question.
vi2009 corr coefficient = measures how security & the market index moves ... base on the formula COV = p x Qsub security x Qsub market index

regression coefficient is simply the slope of the regression model.
Narsi Regression coefficient = Correlation coefficient x SD(y) / SD(x)
tedolini regression coefficient = correlation coefficient x sd(y)/sd(x)
ericczhang B is only really true of the regression equation is log-log...
davidt876 @danlan2: option 'A' wouldn't apply for a correlation coefficient - but would apply for the correlation coefficient squared (coefficient of determination)
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