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Examples of foreign bonds include all of the following EXCEPT FOR ______.

A. Samurai bonds
B. Maple bonds
C. Singha bonds
D. Kangaroo bonds
Correct Answer: C

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katybo singha? indian bonds?
Stephie are we supposed to memorize all the obscure names?
ldfrench When in the HELL did we start loaning money to kangaroos?! Is that why the financial crisis happened?
enetis this question made my day! comedic relief
CJPerugini I wouldn't memorize them. The LOS is your guideline.
012905nv Singha is a beer last I knew... cheers!
mmccoy Thai beer
sinmani Indian Bonds are G-Sec.
MapherRdz Idfrench you really made me laugh!!! thanks!
MathLoser Panda, Bulldog. where is Godzilla?
agogoi Indian bonds are called Masala about
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