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Which of the following statements is the LEAST ACCURATE with respect to American depositary receipts (ADRs)?

A. Level 1 ADRs may only be traded over the counter.
B. Level 2 ADRs may only be traded on a U.S. exchange or quoted on Nasdaq.
C. Level 3 ADRs may raise capital in the U.S. but only through a private placement.
D. ADRs do not necessarily require the underlying company's approval in order to be traded.
Correct Answer: C

Level 3 ADRs meet all SEC requirements and may therefore raise capital in the U.S. through any of the exchanges.

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taowu What about B?
actiger Quoted on NASDAQ means traded on OTC. B is an correct statement which should not be the answer.
dblueroom Thanks actiger!
CJPerugini Question is asking for LEAST accurate. C is correct.
khalifa92 ADR 1 = OTC
ADR 2&3 = traded on US exchange & NASDAQ
ADR 3 = may raise capital through IPO
Rule 144A (unlisted) = private placements
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