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BWT Inc. shows the following data in its financial statements at the end of the year. Assume all securities were outstanding at the beginning of the year.

  • 6.125% convertible bond, convertible into 33 shares of common stock. Issue price $1,000, 100 bonds outstanding.
  • 6.25% convertible preferred stock, $100 par, 3,710 shares outstanding. Convertible into 3.3 shares of common stock, issue price $100.
  • 8% convertible preferred stock, $100 par, 5,604 shares outstanding. Convertible into 5 common shares, issue price $80.
  • 12,380 warrants are outstanding with an exercise price of $40. Each warrant is convertible into 1 share of common stock.
  • Average market price of common stock is $53.00 per share. Common shares outstanding at the beginning of the year were 45,888.
  • Net income for the period was $200,000 while the tax rate was 40%.

What was the after-tax interest charge?
A. $2,021
B. $3,675
C. $2,450
Explanation: (100 bonds)($61.25 interest per bond) = $6,125 interest paid ($6,125)(1-.4) = $3,675 interest

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Bibhu After tax interest charge is only applicable in case of bonds in this example.
Dinosaur don't include the preferred
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