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The mean of the population of ten scores: 78, 91, 91, 94, 74, 23, 63, 22, 78, 89, is 70.3 and the modes are 78 and 91. The skewness of this population is ______.

A. negative
B. zero
C. positive
D. not determined
E. positive or negative depending on the score
Correct Answer: A

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yanpz 2 modes are ok?
JP09 The modes have nothing to do with the question.

Start with the mean and then find out whether the lowest (negatively skewed) or highest (positively skewed) value is furthest from the mean.
danlan Median is higher than mean, so the skewness is negative.
faya mean is lower than both modes, therefore negative skew
cp24 A 2-mode distribution is called a "bi-modal" distribution.
ambar There can be 0 or any number of modes
mencob observe the numbers, there is a high concentration towards 80. And only two values around 20. Hence, the mean will be "pulled" by these "extreme values" whereas the median and mode will not be affected by the latter. Therefore we have: mean<median<modes: negative skew
jansen1979 Order (from low to high)
negative: mean, median, mode
positive: mode, median, mead

Therefore answer A.
2014 what does mean Means. Mean is average of all values. So if u expect shape to be positive. What should u rely on. Mean or median or mode.

Answer is Mean (Because median is just middle observation and mode is most frequently occuring)

so for positive shaped Mean>Median>Mode
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