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Bridget's Midget Widget has the following records for 1995 - 1998:

Gross profit has ______
A. increased over the period because the cost of goods sold has increased less rapidly than sales.
B. decreased over the period.
C. decreased in dollars but increased as a percent of sales.

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danlan Gross profit has increased but not the ratio
iceluke just look at the dates, they are reversed
treakj i can't believe I missed it because of the dates...
adeelj Me toooooooooo!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH
panos hmmm..... dates....
surob i wanna cry............
uberstyle This will be the question that fails me on the exam date ... need more coffee.
BryanKec dates got me too...boooourns
endurance thank god is only a test - If this was for real, we all got fired - the reversal got me as well :-(
dan1987 good tip for the exam get use to putting great big arrows showing the direction when presented with multiple years of data. I missed this as just answering on the laptop
cfarick uhhh the dates are tricky
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