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Which of the following is an advantage of the arbitrage-free valuation approach to valuing fixed income securities, relative to the traditional valuation approach?

A. The adjustment for semi-annual compounding of interest
B. The valuation of individual cash flows based on specific spot rates
C. The specification of a single spot rate curve (which is used to derive the current value of the bond)
D. The automatic adjustment for changes in cash flows due to embedded options
Correct Answer: B

The arbitrage-free valuation approach applies time-appropriate spot interest rates to each cash flow of the bond.

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Victorialy Arbitrage free valuation applies spot rates to CF of bond
maryprz14 But this is a characteristic or feature of arbitrage-free, not an advantage!
khalifa92 the price calculated from spot rates and yield to maturity don't match there will be an arbitrage opportunity.
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