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The main purpose and scope of Standard VI (B) Priority of Transactions is to make sure that members do not ______.

A. disseminate investment recommendations to larger clients ahead of smaller clients
B. give preferential treatment to larger clients
C. benefit themselves ahead of their customers or employers
Correct Answer: C

This standard is designed to prevent any potential conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest. A member may only undertake personal transactions once they have given their clients the opportunity to act on a security. Personal trading includes the member's own account, family members's accounts and accounts where the member has a direct interest.

Although the statements "give preferential treatment to larger clients" and "disseminate investment recommendations to larger clients ahead of smaller clients" are correct, they do not describe the main purpose and scope of this standard.

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danlan2 A and B are for Fair Dealing.
sunilcfa How? fair dealing requires equal opportunity to all clients
sunilcfa oh got it :)
Oarona tricky
viruss yes I think the problem in the exam will be the distinction between several substandards that are linked but different according to standard related ... fair dealing vs priority of transaction ; etc.
tybe0012 Don't be a self iinterested ****
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