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I select two cards from a deck of 52 cards and observe the color of each (26 cards in the deck are red and 26 are black). Which of the following is an appropriate sample space S for the possible outcomes?

A. S = {red, black}
B. S = {(red, red), (red, black), (black, red), (black, black)}, where, for example, (red, red) stands for the event "the first card is red and the second card is red."
C. S = {0, 1, 2}
Correct Answer: B

Each time I select two cards, each such selection results in either (red, red), (red, black), (black, red) or (black, black).

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rethan Does sample space mean possible outcomes?
magicchip @rethan: yes, sample space is simply all possible combinations.
wrrnwng Reason that A isn't correct is that the sample size is too small (thus not appropriate)?
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