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Gigantic Corporation has calculated the following:

WACCs = 5.75%
WACCe = 6.15%
REBP = $35,750,000

Which of the following correctly matches new capital to be raised with MCC?

A. $35,750,000 in new capital; MCC = 5.75%
B. $35,750,000 in new capital; MCC = 6.15%
C. $40,000,000 in new capital; MCC = 5.75%
Correct Answer: B

Since $35,750,000 in new capital exhausts retained earnings, the next dollar of capital will be raised at WACCe. As a result, the MCC at $35,750,000 is WACCe = 6.15%.

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wroger what does REBP stands for?
mattl31 Retained Earnings Breakpoint
anish Why do we need to raise new capital equal to the REBP??
dlo1 The question requires some clarification. $35,750,000 is the amount of capital that could be raised without issuing new stock. Hence, after this amount of capital is raised and used on a new project, then the MCC would jump up to 6.15%, representing the added flotation costs in raising external equity.
thekapila I think since Retained earnings = 35,750,000. and if you invest all these REBP then you should atleast get return equal to WACC(E) which is 6.15 % as will be required by shareholders.
hannovanwyk the formula for retained earnings break point is :

REBP = (retained earnings/equity fraction)

which i had to go find in my 3rd year financial management text book.
dvallejo Guys, what is the different between WACC(S) and WACC(E)
leon121 I have the same question as dvallego...what's the difference between WACC s and WACC e
J0rdanl Not sure why 's' and 'e' are used as opposed to other letters - but I think it's the WACC before the BP and the WACC after
J0rdanl WACCe = WACC with equity BP?
Salim6 I think it's WACC Start and WACC End
Metatroz Well very unclear question... reshape it please...
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