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Which of the following observations signal(s) poor quality of figures provided in the income statement and the balance sheet?

I. Bill-and-hold sales.
II. Use of special purpose entities (SPEs).
III. Short depreciable lives.
IV. Low pension discount rate.
Correct Answer: I and II

I recognizes revenue early.
II: Income may be overstated by sales to the special purpose entity or a decline in the value of assets transferred to the SPE.
Short depreciable lives and low pension discount rate are examples of conservative accounting estimates and assumptions.

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johnnybee good question
ssradja agreed
ashish100 "The discount rate refers to the level at which future pension obligations are discounted to their present value. A higher discount rate reduces the reported benefit obligation, while a lower discount rate raises the obligation" - danger zone
Levancho Why not III and IV? I understand they are not part of an aggressive accounting practices, but does not conservative assumptions also contribute to the lower quality of the statements?
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