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If 15% of the population is left-handed, what is the probability that in a randomly selected group of five people, all five people are left-handed?

A. 0.0300
B. 0.3333
C. 0.0000759
Correct Answer: C

p = 0.155 = 0.0000759

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Iyal explaination?
gambary assuming the population size is so large, picking on left handed person will not affect the probabilty of picking another one. thus, each time we picku up a person is an independent event with probability of .15 . so the probability of pikcing 5 left handed ppl out of the population = .15 * .15 * .15 * .15 * .15 = .15^5
yanpz Suppose "population" is a very large number. Pick one person for 5 times. The 5 events are independent of each other, because the population is large, picking up 1 person won't affect the result of next time picking. For once, P = .15, then for 5 independent events, P = .15*.15*.15*.15*.15 = .0000759
Bevin Also, intuitively you should know that it will be a very small number.
magus How would you perform this calculation on the BA II Plus?
johntan1979 0.15 y^x 5 =
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